We have invented an interaction.


We object to the mundane paradigm of Human-Computer-Interaction and demand a Human-Human-Interaction. It's pyhsicial, it's intimate, it's exciting. Rhizm is a device in the shape of a credit card that connects over a satisfying magnetic click. Caution: Hands may touch. The connection of two cards creates a new bond in a decentralized social mesh network. Combined with a web interface that shows the verified encrypted interactions (call it blockchain), Rhizm can be used for many different scenarios in which a physicial interaction between nodes must be safe. Or appealing. We understand our project as fundamental research in times of disbelief and scepsis among the realms of new technologies and social media. We want to commit ourselves to the power of open source platforms. Through social sandboxes like Rhizm a diverse variety of use cases such as self deployable social networks depending on real human interactions are possible.

Inject - Exhaust - Dissipate

From bare metal to the cloud.
A full stack high end design solution.

by Alexander Lehmann & Maximilian Wolfs